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I keep on capturing the moments and living with them. 
Photography has always been passion. Somehow, now it has become my identity. 
Actually, it's nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I only choose the perspective.I see something special and show it to the camera. 
You can't begin a journey if you don't step out. 
It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary thing, it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. 
Looking forward to serve you for Pixel Season.

Direct Line : +91 90750 22215



Feeling of spending life behind 35mm, through viewfinder, is just AWESOME. Fascinated by all those blurred backgrounds in the images, I purchased my first DSLR in 2010 without realizing it will soon become an intense affair. Now, life without camera is unimaginable. If I am not on-field, I would be either processing those images, or meeting with clients, or just thinking about some situations.


My photography work involves knowing different cultures, rituals, personalities which is a serious fun. But more than anything, I enjoy meeting and interacting with people, making friends.


My philosophy about life is to live with limited resources to be creative (always crave for maximum ambient light though :-) ).


Off photography, I love flaunting my passionate-biker traits. If I am not involved in any stage of our assignments, I would want to travel. Yes, camera accompanies me everywhere!


Direct Line : +91 90751 77154

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