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Portrait Light Workshop 
17th & 18th June 2023

What will you learn?

  • Step by step you will learn about technical and the artistic aspects lighting in photography. 

  • Learn how to setup lights and get best out of each shot. 

  • Composition techniques and improve your photographic eye. 

  • Master the art of light in digital photography.

What does workshop offers

  • Best studio practice

  • Soft vs hard light

  • Light modifiers: Soft box, beauty dish, umbrellas, snoots, reflectors

  • One, two and three light set ups

  • Lighting techniques: Rembrandt, clamshell, butterfly, high/low key

  • Backgrounds and props

  • Work with colour gels

  • Working with a model, and posing techniques

  • Photography Gear Essentials

  • Photography Tips and Tricks

What do you need 

  • Your DSLR camera and kit lens.

  • A fully charged camera battery and a memory card with sufficient space for a day

    Your camera manual(if available)

Who Should Attend

Anybody over 16, interested in mastering their camera and the basics of digital photography

Workshop Fees

Total fees for 2 days workshop is INR 6,999

Payment Details

You can GPay us at : 9890333315

WhatsApp us a screen shot at Amit-9075022215 once payment is initiated.

Workshop Details

17th June 2023, Saturday: 10.30am-5pm
18th June 2023, Sunday: 10.30am-5pm
Lunch & evening snacks included.
​Location: Pune

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