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Amrita Sahay


Well, we decided to have a family photo clicked on our 10th marriage anniversary.

It was just a very normal idea to go to a certain studio and get ourselves clicked to celebrate the occasion.

But somehow, got to know about Amit and Pixelseason via internet.And trust me it was one of the best experience ever and sort of surreal experience, moments were captured in such a beautiful way.

Thanks a lot to Pixelseason for letting us bask in the glory of a beautiful rendition of photography.We also enjoyed a lot and recommend it to all my friends .

Sumit Singh Pal


It was a delightful experience posing for my photoshoot when Sanjay was behind the Camera. His ability to make simple things look eye catching is unique. It was a photoshoot with my bike on hills, every frame of my bike captured through his lens looked more stunning, powered and alive. In his photographs one can clearly see his passion and love for automobile and that brings in the creativity in his photographs. Sanjay knew exactly what I was looking for in the shoot as he himself lives the same motorcycle dream everyday. He even advised on choosing a good outdoor location, how to pose in front of Camera and even though I m not very Camera friendly he makes things look simple and extract the best possible result out of it.
I will definitely be dialing his number as soon as I get my hands on my next bike.

Prayag Khose


Amit should be appreciated for his create ideas in different genres of photography.

Amit u are very energetic, dedicated & been very innovative for pixeling my ideas in such great quality work.

Amit you just don't click photographs you create memories which will stay lifelong. Your team was very helpful and supportive throughout the shoot. Thank you Amit,

Vinayak Muley


I never seen anybody so passionate about his work than Amit Dhok.

It's my first photoshoot and have no experience how it works, but the way Amit helped me to go through it is amazing.

He is so friendly and helped me a lot for the shoot. If you looking for any shoot, this is the place..can't wait for the next shoot Amit.!!

Mahesh Pawar


Sanjay & Amit were recommend by my workmate.They are just the ultimate photographer out there.
They are beyond amazing, and that's before I go on about his actual photos/work. 
They are so friendly, heaps of fun to deal with, and makes you feel so relaxed when everything else is quite stressful. 
They have so many helpful tips, and has amazing ideas for photos,
We can't recommend them highly enough & the pics are like nothing we have seen before!
Spectacular, we just couldn't be happier with the beautiful service they provide.

Thank you so much for your time, efforts and spectacular work.
I have shared our pre-wedding pics online & people have loved them so much & the pics say everything about thier work.

Curiously & heartily waiting for my wedding album.

Kiran Karnawat


Awesome job Amit.

You were ahead of my thoughts and plans which seldom one finds in professionals. This quality stands out and impressed me most along with your super creativity in your core skills, photogrpahy. Your aspiration to excel adds to your overall repertoire. Keep it up, wish you all success and looking forward for many more shoots.



Both Dipa and I wanted to say a huge thank you for making our Pre Wedding day truly amazing.

Many people have commented on your professionalism, enthusiasm and energy that you displayed throughout the entire day.

An even bigger thank you for the images that you sent through to us. We could not believe how quickly you have managed to prepare and edit them for us. We had a look through them and we were amazed at how you were able to turn such simple places and poses into such incredible photographs that we will treasure.
We wanted to say a huge thank you to Pixel Season team for our beautiful photos, they are amazing! You captured the day perfectly and made everyone feel at ease, we will be able to look back at your pictures in years to come and remember what a happy day it was. I am so glad we braved the elements as those are my favorite pictures of the day! The style of the photographs are exactly what we wanted, natural, capturing the moments that we missed, overall they are stunning. We have had so many compliments already from the few we have shown people. We couldn't have asked for more and would recommend you to anyone looking for someone to capture their big day! Pixel Season designed an AMAZING album for us, which will forever remind us of the day.

We would recommend him to anybody, who is intending to get stunning pictures of their big day. Thank you so so much Guys...

Rahul Jagtap

Feb 2016

Thanks Amit for superb pics, everyone is appreciating my fitness pics. 
Amit is an amazing professional at the top of his game. His eye is great; he knows what will make a perfect picture. 
Highly recommended

Rahul M Champawat

Jan 2016

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” you click you breath .

It was great experience to work with you .Amit Dhok - you are not just an amazing photographer, a gem of person too.

Its my pleasure to got clicked from you . thanks for the amazing pictures.

Would love to work with you again and again.

Uttara Deshmukh


Amit n Sanjay don't just click pictures... They make the memories .... Seriously if pixels could talk then artists like Shakespeare would have faded away. You guys have captured such a beautiful range of emotions and smiles. U have truely made our simple day into a memorable one for us to cherish life long. Artistically captured moments... Looking at the album, wedding seems like a fairytale now. Amazing photography.. Magnificent artists.. Professional and of all the above Fabulous People.. Your photographs have captured the pieces of life that should never be missed. 

@Everyone: Highly recommended. They ll just paint your special day for u



Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
Amit you truly live up with this line.
After our first call, which was last moment I remember when I asked you for your services, I knew you would be good but the final result superseded my expectations.
My family and friends are in luv with the photographs.
I want to say thank you so much for the wonderful photos. You truly did an amazing job in both the shoots. You worked really hard and photos are proof of it.
The ideas you gave and the photos you captured were truly remarkable. You always made sure my daughter, Myra was comfortable and brought out the true personality.
The photos are truly most creative and artistic shots I have ever seen. Amit you are so enthusiastic and you produced results I am thrilled with.
And I told you “Its not in the camera, Its in your eyes”.. you narrate stories through your camera.
Fantastic Photography.

DJ VGroove

Muscat, Oman

Well, it is my second day of the 3 day stay at Pune with my best friend or rather 'chaddi' friend Bharani Vanniyer. 
As an upcoming DJ and a Music Producer, I need good photos for my album art covers.
So I share this idea of a photo shoot with him, Ramu Nair and Vivek Parmar; who are my friends too. Vivek is the one who designed my Official logo while Ramu is very good at attire and hair styling. They then tell me that our another common friend Mayuresh Nanekar got a shoot done for his Body Building Expo with his best friend who is a professional photographer and the results were amazing. I immediately check his work online and then decide to hook him up.
I immediately call Mayuresh to check the photographer’s availability and bingo; we have him the next day which would be my last day at Pune. We have a deal of 2 hours for the shoot to develop few short listed photos.
The next day, I get a call from him saying he reached already while I was still on bed with the previous night’s hangover. I immediately picked him up myself. He sets up his studio while I get ready for the shoot and finally the shoot begins. The first thing he asks me is for any references or sample poses or pictures for the shoot. We show him some samples and he checks them out one by one. He seemed just like any other photographer in the neighbourhood until this moment when he starts sharing his ideologies and creativity. I am totally impressed with the way he visualized the pictures and poses. As the shoot progresses, he brings in more enthusiasm with his creativity and vision.
For few snaps, he asks me to listen to music to get those natural expressions out of me. And it just works like magic; this idea of his makes me give fantastic poses with natural feelings on my face.
We realized we were not a group of people working, but rather a team of friends working together. During the shoot, all of us become very passionate about it. The team has not only a photographer, but a hair stylist, an organizer and then an active guy who gives ideas; apart from me.
The shoot which was originally planned for 2 hours goes for 5 hours with more than 400 clicks. During the process, I realize that he is not an ordinary photographer, but a superb photographer who is a true symbol of Passion, Excellence, Dedication and Commitment. He did a remarkable work for me and "THANKS" will be a small word to express my gratitude. His name is "Amit Dhok" who runs a professional photography org called "Pixel Season". He has cast his magic in the shoot and brings out an excellent model out of me. The results are definitely outstanding and excellent. I appreciate him for his passion towards his work.
I am into DJing and Music while he is into photography; however, when I look at him, I feel we have the same passion towards our respective works.
Camera, Lens, Gadgets,, Na Na Na,, Its not these that made a great photo, it was Amit’s vision and imagination power !!! A Camera or Gadget din't make a great picture any more, but Supergrapher Amit Dhok You Do !!!
Kudos to you and the whole team for making this possible.



King of photography 
Amit ur great photographer really Bro.....

Mayuresh More


It was an awesome experience to get clicked by pixel season.. I felt free to share my knowledge and everytime we clicked a photograph it was more ideas than just an image. You are best at what you do and your work proves it.keep it up.

Mayuresh Jr


I was impressed by the the way Amit was willing to help me get the result I was after.

In my experiance he was the only photographer who has great communication, personalised replies which was a relaxed and confident approach.



Amit makes the 'complicated' photography look pretty simple. 
Phenomenal, great work Amit ! 
Through your clicks you bring about the true essence of every moment passing by
Looking forward to meet you again smile emoticon

Anurag Mishra


Sanjay has awesome capability of sensing of scene. When sanjay took our snaps in initial days of his photography, we were not having idea about the outcome but results were superb. Since then sanjay has matured in photography and in theme based scenarios.keep it up.

Abhay Shah


Amit makes the 'complicated' photography look pretty simple. 
Phenomenal, great work Amit ! 
Through your clicks you bring about the true essence of every moment passing by
Looking forward to meet you again :)

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