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Guys let me en-light you about story behind this shot. This was not on the list at all.

After couple of shots in morning session we sat for a snack break. We were chatting about the shots we have taken so far and the remaining one. While engrossed in a discussion I could see this place, and first thought came in my mind was lets take one shot there.

I imagine something creative, top angle wide shot where I can justify the frame. After a quick bite,I just glance the place and I was almost debilitated that it was a pit for born fire and it was full of coal all around it. Damn :( I was gloomy :(

Then as per scheduled on paper, we continue other shots. We all were very happy that we almost nailed every location.

Before wrap-up we were again passing by the pit & I asked my photographer partner 'Sanjay' can you sit in this pit a lavish way. He smiled and said, "bhai are you kidding, this is dirty as hell." I replied with a wink, "You know its dirty inside, I know it too but no one else on this earth" Boom, just couple of tweaks, I thought we can make this ice on cake shot of the day. Then we replaced Sanjay with Aniket (model)... Just to make more interesting and add flavor to the shot, we asked Aniket to hold wine glass in his hand. By the way that's a coke in it :)

And you can see a final shot here, feel free to let us know what you think about this shot.

Have a great day!!!

Shot by : Amit Dhok & Sanjay Purohit

Written by: Amit Dhok


This is test shot with my partner 'Sanjay', he was not at all happy to pose.

He enjoy behind the camera.

And this final shot with Aniket, and he looking sexy out here... #boom

This is final shot with model 'Aniket', and he is looking damn sexy init.

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